Media Want Obama ‘Breaking Free’ From Democracy

ZNet has Noam Chomsky‘s in-depth analysis (11/25/08) of the recent U.S. presidential election–its likely ramifications, and its overall democratic qualities as compared to other countries. Chomsky here addresses the corporate media aspect:

In the liberal Boston Globe, the headline of the lead story observed that Obama’s “grassroots strategy leaves few debts to interest groups”: labor unions, women, minorities or other “traditional Democratic constituencies.” That is only partially right, because massive funding by concentrated sectors of capital is ignored. But leaving that detail aside, the report is correct in saying that Obama’s hands are not tied, because his only debt is to “a grassroots army of millions”–who took instructions, but contributed essentially nothing to formulating his program.

At the other end of the doctrinal spectrum, a headline in the Wall Street Journal reads “Grassroots Army Is Still at the Ready”–namely, ready to follow instructions to “push his agenda,” whatever it may be.

Obama’s organizers regard the network they constructed “as a mass movement with unprecedented potential to influence voters,” the Los Angeles Times reported. The movement, organized around the “Obama brand,” can pressure Congress to “hew to the Obama agenda.” But they are not to develop ideas and programs and call on their representatives to implement them. These would be among the “old ways of doing politics,” from which the new “idealists” are “breaking free.”