Blinkered U.S. Media Miss Mumbai Angles

“Piecing Together the Story” (12/1/08) of the horrific attacks in Mumbai, AlterNet editors see “a lot more to the Mumbai attacks than CNN and the New York Times have been reporting.” Among the news “nowhere to be seen in the American mainstream media” are crucial bits like this:

Saikat Datta of Outlook India writes that by mid-September, Indian agencies knew that the attack would come from the sea; by mid-November, they knew that the Taj hotel would be targeted. And yet the attacks still happened. A blow by blow account of how the plan to attack Mumbai by sea was hatched and executed.

The part that’s not news here is the general myopia of insular U.S. media reportage. See, for instance, the FAIR magazine Extra!: “‘Tribal’ Label Distorts African Conflicts: Ethnic Framing May Obscure Political Contexts” (5-6/08) by Julie Hollar