Mumbai Imagery vs. Iraq and Afghanistan Coverage

Interviewed by Democracy Now!‘s Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman (12/1/08) on the Mumbai attacks, Tariq Ali has a “point I would make about this whole business, which is, of course, ghastly, terrible”:

I think it should be stated that if images were shown of the killings that were going on in Afghanistan or in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier province as a result of state terrorism carried out by the United States and its allies or in Iraq–let’s imagine that every single atrocity being committed in Iraq and Afghanistan were broadcast like this by the world media–the effect would be electric, but it isn’t. So we see these images, horrific though they are, from Mumbai… and we don’t contextualize what is going on in the world as a whole. And that, I think, can be dangerous.

But then contextualization never has been corporate media’s strong point; read the FAIR publication Extra! Update: “‘Accidents’ Will Happen: Excusing Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan” (8/07) by Peter Hart