‘Sad, but Not Surprised’ by NBC Sexism

Blogger Carole Cohen has posted (Cleveland Real Estate News, 12/2/08) Margot Friedman’s mass email wherein the media activist bemoans NBC‘s choice of yet another white male to host their premier Sunday news show–yet Friedman finds a silver lining:

Thank you for writing a letter to the president of NBC News to ask that the network consider a woman and/or person of color as the next moderator of Meet the Press. As you may have heard, news reports have been circulating since last night that NBC has chosen David Gregory. I am sad, but not surprised, that NBC is going with a “safe” choice rather than keeping up with the pace of change and reflecting the experiences of diverse Americans.

But did our campaign have an effect? The answer is yes and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in it. When we first launched, the names of women and people of color had fallen off the radar screen and only David Gregory and Chuck Todd were being mentioned. After your letters started rolling in, and the campaign got a boost in media coverage (L.A. Times, New York Observer, Guardian of London, etc.), Gwen Ifill and Andrea Mitchell started getting mentioned again, along with Katie Couric.

Declaring this this “one time when we couldn’t be passive about what’s on TV,” Friedman promises that “our fight for media justice will continue.”

See the study results announced in FAIR’s Media Advisory: “Women’s Opinions Also Missing on Television: Women of Color Virtually Invisible on Sunday Shows” (3/24/05)