NBC Vows Viewers ‘Will Continue to Be Well Served’ by Propaganda

Glenn Greenwald uses his regular Salon feature (12/1/08, ad-viewing required) to publish astounding email correspondence detailing “NBC and McCaffrey’s coordinated responses to the NYT story” that exposed Barry McCaffrey as a prime example of Pentagon propagandists running unchecked in corporate media. One of the more nauseating bits features NBC declaring they:

are proud to have Gen.l Barry McCaffrey as a member of the NBC News organization, where he provides objective and nonpartisan analysis. He is a true American hero who is not afraid to speak his mind even if it sometimes ruffles some feathers in Washington. We believe our viewers have been, and will continue to be, well served by his incisive and thoughtful comments.

And McCaffrey’s Pitch-perfect reply:

Very balanced, objective response.

Underscores my view of NBC as an enterprise based on journalistic ethics–and courage.

Proud to be associated with this team of professionals.


The exchange is particularly disgusting when you consider that it comes in response to a story that documented McCaffrey withdrawing his criticisms of Donald Rumsfeld when it was made clear to him that such criticism would jeopardize his lucrative career as a pundit/consultant.

See the FAIR Action Alert: “Pentagon Pundits: Media Facilitate Iraq Propaganda Effort” (4/22/08)