‘Left’ Blamed for Rejection of Pro-Torture CIA Chief

Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald “marvels” (12/8/08, ad-viewing required) at “how easily [John Brennan-for-CIA-head proponents] can implant their message into establishment media outlets far and wide, which uncritically publish what they’re told from their cherished ‘intelligence sources’ and without even the pretense of verifying whether any of it is true and/or hearing any divergent views”:

All of this illustrates the unparalleled power which the “intelligence community” exerts over our political debates, how easy it is for them to manipulate intelligence reporters who depend on cooperation with their intelligence sources and who thus identify with them and happily amplify whatever they are fed, and–most of all–how profoundly unrealistic is the expectation that, now that Democrats are “in control,” they’re just going to blithely proceed to impose all sorts of new restrictions on the CIA and the rest of the Surveillance State–let alone launch probing investigations and impose accountability for past crimes–without much of a major fight.

Greenwald’s extensive citations find much blaming of “liberal critics,” “liberal bloggers” and “left-leaning bloggers and columnists” for Brennan’s rejection, yet “unmentioned are his emphatic advocacy for rendition and ‘enhanced interrogation tactics.'”