On Kevin J. Martin’s Epic Malfeasance

Blogging on the new congressional “report on the activities of Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin” entitled “Deception and Distrust,” Mark Howard (News Corpse, 12/10/08) says the “abuse, manipulation, intimidation and incompetence” detailed “would be shocking if it hadn’t come from the same administration that gave us Alberto Gonzales, Michael Brown, Scooter Libby, Donald Rumsfeld, etc.”:

Under Martin’s dictatorial rule, employees were instructed not to talk to colleagues within the agency without permission. This gag rule was so comprehensive that they were also ordered not to talk to employees at other federal agencies. Martin further fortified his control by installing a hand-picked inspector general, Kent Nilsson, who was a close associate, insuring that there would be no independent oversight of his misdeeds. Nilsson himself is alleged to have violated agency procedures repeatedly, according to the report.

FAIR published an Action Alert: “FCC Destroyed Media Ownership Report: Study Found Local Ownership Means More Local News” (9/15/06) and an Activism Update: “FCC to Investigate Suppressed Reports: But Presses on With Proceedings On Media Ownership” (9/20/06) on Martin’s epic malfeasance.