FAIR Radio on Tribune Bankruptcy and Union Card Check

The new edition of FAIR’s radio show CounterSpin (12/12/08) examines the financial collapse of a major U.S. media force:

The Tribune Company that owns the Chicago Tribune and the L.A. Times, along with much else, declared bankruptcy this week, just a year after new owner Sam Zell took over, with his notable lack of background or interest in newspapers. It sounds like workers will wind up with the short end of the stick but what does it mean in the bigger picture? Are capitalists losing interest in media and if so, what do we think about that?

After listening to Robert McChesney‘s analysis of that story, hear about the latest labor news:

The fight over “card check” union organizing was somewhat low-key during the general election. But the issue soon became a favorite topic for pundits who were either warning that Obama would lurch to the left, or those who held out the hope that Obama would turn his back on the labor movement. What is card check, and why does it have corporate America–and much of the corporate media-up in arms? We’ll find out from labor journalist Steve Early.

More on Corporate Ownership of news outlets and media coverage of Labor can be founds in FAIR’s online Issues Archives.