CIA’s Brennan Did More Than Not Enough

Newsweek‘s Mark Hosenball writes (12/22/08):

The head of Obama’s intel transition team, John Brennan, was the leading candidate for CIA chief until he was slammed by liberal bloggers for not doing enough while serving as a top CIA and anti-terror official to oppose Bush.

Actually, “liberal bloggers” hadn’t “slammed” Brennan for “not doing enough…to oppose Bush”; they criticized him for being an ardent public defender of rendition and “enhanced interrogation tactics,” which is a euphemism for torture. Since Obama campaigned as an opponent of such policies, Brennan would have been a dubious choice to be his top CIA official.

One has to be a little skeptical of Hosenball’s crediting “liberal bloggers” with the ability to determine who gets to be head of the CIA.

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