Murdoch’s New Hire

One would think that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s record of taking his campaign against undocumented immigrants to what the New York Times has called “unconstitutional extremes” would make any prospective new employer hesitant about hiring him. Not so for Rupert Murdoch; starting December 27, Arpaio will star in a new law enforcement reality TV show on Murdoch’s Fox reality channel.

Writing on Huffington Post, Immigration Policy Center director Angela Kelley goes through the soon-to-be Fox star’s list of offenses during his tenure as Maricopa County (Ariz.) sheriff; citing a report by the conservative Goldwater Institute, Kelley notes that the sheriff “failed to serve” the community he was mandated to serve, and also withheld vital information and statistics from the public.

In other words, the new reality TV star has proven himself particularly committed to the essentials of the peculiar brand of “journalism” in vogue at Murdoch’s Fox News Channel. Fox‘s failure to serve its audience by providing basic accurate informationâ┚¬”on everything from election polling to the 9/11 commission report–has been well documented by FAIR. As the British equivalent of the FCC once noted about a characteristic misleading tirade featured on the network, Fox failed to show “respect for truth.”

Arpaio’s record of racial profiling and sweeps of Hispanic neighborhoods would also seem an easy fit for a network where one of the most popular hosts has advocated for airport profiling based on religion, and which has been criticized for providing an unopposed platform to the racist vigilante group known as the Minuteman project.

When the British police murdered an unarmed Brazilian immigrant in a subway, Fox host John Gibson expressed his open admiration for their approach, quipping, “Got to admire the cojones of those Brit cops to go after him like that.”

No doubt Arpaio will feel right at home in his new gig.