Who’s Giving Press Heat on Obama?

By way of suggesting that corporate media should make even more aggressive efforts to tie President-elect Barack Obama to a politician who called him a “motherfucker” for refusing to try to bribe him, MSNBC‘s Contessa Brewer remarks:

I know that there are journalists who are taking a lot of heat for not being aggressive and tough with Obama.

Noting that she has heard similar claims several times from MSNBC‘s talking heads, digby (Hullabaloo, 12/17/08) asks the obvious question:

Taking heat from whom?

I expected that after the election the press would come under pressure exactly like this. It’s a classic “work the refs” move. But the press is openly using it as an excuse for their own behavior, which is new and changed the rules, it seems to me. While they are haranguing Obama for failing to answer questions, they seem to think it’s fine not to reveal who is pressuring reporters to harangue him. Maybe they need to take some questions themselves.

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