New Report, Old News on TV ‘Whiteout’

Associated Press TV writer Lynn Elber reports (12/18/08) the bad news that, “nearly a decade after the NAACP condemned a ‘virtual whiteout’ in broadcast TV, the civil rights group said major networks have stalled in their efforts to further ethnic diversity on-screen and off.” Even worse,

television shows of the future could be even less inclusive because of a failure to cultivate young minority stars and to bring minorities into decision-making positions…. A “critical lack of programming by, for or about people of color” can be traced in part to the lack of minorities who have the power to approve new series or make final creative decisions, said Vicangelo Bulluck, executive director of NAACP’s Hollywood bureau.

As remedy, Elber tells us that the report “calls on networks to revisit a 2000 agreement to diversify the ranks of actors, writers, directors and executives” and “also seeks to establish a task force with network executives, the NAACP and other civil rights groups.”

Listen to the FAIR radio show CounterSpin: “Eric Boehlert on TV Diversity Study” (8/8/08)