Media Ignore, Fudge Evidence of Nixon’s Treason

With the recent release of a tape recorded President Lyndon Johnson concerned that Richard Nixon’s people had avoided Vietnam peace negotiations for domestic political purposes, Paul Jay (Real News, 12/20/08)interviewsConsortium News‘s Robert Parry on “evidence of Nixon’s treasonous legacy and the media’s choice to ignore it”:

PJ: So you would think this should be a… real confirmation–the story’s kind of been out there, in some articles and some books–but to have this kind of confirmation that we didn’t have before, one would think should have been a screaming headline all over the newspapers and all over television. But there’s one AP report and not much else….

RP: This has never been focused on with the degree of attention it deserves. And the last chapter on this was when the Associated Press does report what Johnson said in these newly released tapes, but the story is treated as not much news…. And none of the background is put into this AP story. It simply states “Johnson made this claim” and there’s some suggestion that maybe Nixon didn’t know about it–which is, I guess, based on the AP‘s own impression–without going back and saying, “Hold it, there’s a lot of evidence about this and it shows, and it should be something that Americans now accept as real history.”

Read Bob Parry’s article in the FAIR magazine Extra!: “Journalists ‘Humbled’ but Unrepentant: Despite Iraq Disaster, Questioning Authority Still Taboo” (11-12/07) by Robert Parry, Sam Parry & Nat Parry