Denying Genocide Denial at the L.A. Times

An L.A. Times brief proudly announces (1/8/09) that the paper’s former managing editor, Douglas Frantz, “has been chosen to be chief investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as it reorganizes under its new chairman, Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.).” Douglas Frantz…. Does that ring any bells? You won’t find any hint of it in the Times, but Frantz also happened to be the managing editor who cited a seasoned reporter’s “conflict of interest” when spiking his article on the Armenian genocide. The substance of that “conflict”? Co-signing a letter with other journalists who dared point out that the Times‘ own style guide says “the Armenian genocide is a historical fact and we should use the word ‘genocide’ without qualification in referring to it.” The controversy this ignited was credited with ending Frantz’s career at the Times, but the paper’s staff found this of no relevance to Frantz’ qualifications in the realm of foreign relations.

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