AP Undercounts Gaza Protesters

After taking pictures at a New York demonstration in which, as the Indypendent summarized, “thousands of people rallied at Times Square Sunday afternoon, calling for an immediate end to the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip,” I was rather taken aback by AP‘s account of the same event, which put the number of pro-Palestinian demonstrators at a mere 150. AP‘s report stated:

Across town at Times Square, about 150 pro-Palestinian demonstrators waved signs with pictures of dead and wounded children and chanted, “No justice, no peace! Israel out of the Middle East.”

As would have been evident to any journalist who witnessed the rally at Times Square, there were far more than 150 people–the crowd spanned several blocks from 39th street to 42nd, and when the protesters proceeded on a march up to CNN‘s headquarters to protest media coverage of the war, half of 8th Avenue was shut down for several blocks.

Yet AP‘s inaccurate figure has already been republished in the Washington Post.