The Year in Fluff

Media blogger and satirist Brad Jacobson presents his “2008 Fact or Fiction Challenge” (MediaBloodhound, 1/13/09), in which outrageous quotes both real and made up are listed for the reader to “see if you can distinguish between the two.” A sampling:

4) “Now and for the foreseeable future, virtually everything involving Britney is a big deal.”–Frank Baker, Associated Press Los Angeles Assistant Bureau Chief, in a memo to staff….

31) “The Tiger Woods injury story was of major importance and we felt we needed to devote time to it as the lead. “–Rick Kaplan, Executive Producer of CBS Evening News….

34) “During ‘blackout week,’ the AP didn’t mention [Paris] Hilton’s second birthday party at a Beverly Hills restaurant, at which a drunken friend reportedly was ejected by security after insulting Paula Abdul and Courtney Love. And editors asked our Puerto Rico bureau not to write about her visit there to hawk her fragrance.”–Frank Baker, Associated Press Los Angeles assistant bureau chief, on AP‘s journalistic restraint in covering fluff

HINT: They’re all true.