NPR: Bush’s Employees, Friends and Fans Think He’s Great!

National Public Radio watchdog Mytwords describes his horror (NPR Check, 1/11/09) at listening while “NPR struggles mightily to convince listeners that there is some grand, noble ‘legacy’ that will exist when the Bush administration leaves the White House”:

Today was a shameless homage to George W. Bush as the “normal, regular guy.” Yeah, Bush is such a likable guy! Linda Wertheimer’s slavish [Weekend Edition Sunday] send-up of Bush is notable for its lack of any serious, critical voices; instead Wertheimer turns to a friend of Bush, and an administration insider, and a charmed reporter clucking about George:

  • “Dan Bartlett works in Austin now, but he was a close White House aide for seven years.”
  • Cox Newspapers‘ Ken Herman, who has covered Bush for years, says the president prefers a quiet life.”
  • “Don Evans, secretary of commerce in the president’s first term and a friend of 40 years, says that act [quitting abusing alcohol] demonstrated the president’s commitment to his family and to the Bush family’s belief in public service.”

Mytwords concludes that “even if Bush were a likable character, it doesn’t matter a whit. Likability is an utterly worthless measure of a leader’s behavior as characters like Stalin, Idi Amin and Milosevic among others have proven.”