U.S. Media Ignore Call for ‘Criminal Investigation’ of Bush Torture

Scott Horton of Harper’s (1/21/09) tells us of some big news on “the German television program Frontal 21, on channel ZDF“: In an interview there, “internationally renowned law professor” and “independent expert for the United Nations” Manfred Nowak, “the United Nations Rapporteur responsible for torture, stated that with George W. Bush’s head of state immunity now terminated, the new government of Barack Obama was obligated by international law to commence a criminal investigation into Bush’s torture practices.” But, outside of one widely picked-up AP piece in which the professor is vaguely quoted stating that “justice also means to look into the past,” Google News shows not a single U.S. outlet mention of Nowak on the matter.

Horton has more news on high-level accountability you won’t get in the U.S.:

The ZDF piece also includes an interview with attorney Wolfgang Kaleck, who brought charges against Rumsfeld before German prosecutors. He states that the Obama administration is “off to a good beginning” with its explicit renunciation of torture, but it still has not shown how it will hold Bush, Rumsfeld and others to account for their crimes, nor has it demonstrated its legally obligated duty to provide compensation to torture victims.

But that subject has also been proven entirely verboten among corporate U.S. media. Listen to the FAIR radio program Counterspin: “Michael Ratner on Detainee Abuse Report” (12/19/08)