On Media’s ‘Nearly Impossible Crucible of Right-Wing Opposition’

Media critic Brad Friedman explains (BradBlog.com, 1/21/09) exactly why he considers media reform “the most important…reform of all at this particular point in the 21st century”:

While the Supreme Court has declared many times that the right to vote is protective of all other rights, I’d suggest that the right to be informed, accurately, via our nation’s publicly owned airwaves, is the right that ensures our right to vote is ultimately protective of anything.

With our current hard-right-leaning corporate media landscape, every attempted reform, including Election Reform, by any Democratic administration, must overcome a nearly impossible crucible of right-wing opposition–and more disturbingly, propaganda–across the nation’s public airwaves.

Friedman asserts that the removal of this “built-in impediment” is crucial for the U.S. to “restore itself from the 20-year imbalance that has quietly decayed the nation’s sense of Reality-based policy since Ronald Reagan dismantled the Fairness Doctrine in 1987.”

Listen to the FAIR radio show CounterSpin: “Steve Rendall on the Fairness Doctrine” (11/28/08)