Limbaugh and Coulter Hate on Everyone

Your daily dose of radio bigotry is brought to you by the super-hater team of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Rush recently hosted Coulter on his radio show (RushLimbaugh.com, 1/16/09), where they got down to some of the racist banter they’re so famous for:

Rush: Arianna [Huffington], you need a translator.

Coulter: And George Soros!

Rush: Yeah, him, too. I’ve never heard the Daily Kos guy speak.

Coulter: Yeah, he was brought up in someplace in Latin America. You can’t understand them. They speak in foreign accents. They represent the Democratic Party.

Maybe this is just an example of their particularly xenophobic brand of “humor,” but really, how witty is it to ridicule people who may, or may not, speak English with an accent?