A Vetoed History of the Middle East

In discussion with Foreign Policy in Focus‘ Sameer Dossani (1/16/09), Noam Chomsky states “the fact of the matter” that “the press won’t talk about”: “that there has been a political settlement on the table, on the agenda for 30 years” in the Middle East. And that would be “a two-state settlement on the international borders.” Unfortunately, as Chomsky often points out, “the United States vetoed it so it’s therefore out of history”:

Sameer Dossani: Yes, the Taba negotiations. The two sides came very close to agreement.

Noam Chomsky: They were called off by Israel. But that was the one week in over 30 years when the United States and Israel abandoned their rejectionist position. It’s a real tribute to the media and other commentators that they can keep this quiet. The U.S. and Israel are alone in this. The international consensus includes virtually everyone. It includes the Arab League, which has gone beyond that position and called for the normalization of relations; it includes Hamas. Every time you see Hamas in the newspapers, it says “Iranian-backed Hamas which wants to destroy Israel.” Try to find a phrase that says “democratically elected Hamas which is calling for a two-state settlement” and has been for years.

Putting it simply, Chomsky says that, “Well, yeah, that’s a good propaganda system.” See the FAIR magazine Extra!: “Nixed Signals: When Hamas Hinted at Peace, U.S. Media Wouldnâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢t Take the Message” (9-10/06) by Seth Ackerman