Fox Loves Obama-Era Dissent

Raw Story highlights a Daily Show clip (1/22/09) in which Jon Stewart plays an astounding array of “soft-on-terror” clips from Fox coverage of Barack Obama’s first day as U.S. president. Stewart then reminds us how “criticism and dissent of the president’s policies, especially Iraq, used to be viewed” by playing a March 30, 2007, “Talking Points” segment in which Bill O’Reilly says “this hate stuff, this rooting for the administration to fail in Iraq and other areas is un-American, unbecoming and unacceptable. Like him or not, Mr. Bush is the elected leader of this country.” Raw Story‘s David Edwards and Ron Brynaert transcribe the subsequent Daily Show pay-off as follows:

Stewart showed conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh talking about how he wants Obama to “fail,” during an appearance on Fox NewsHannity on Wednesday.

“I am hearing many Republicans say that–well, we want him to succeed and prominent Republicans,” Limbaugh had said. “Yes, we wanted–they have laid down. They have totally–they’re drinking the Kool-Aid, too.”

“So I shamelessly say, no, I want him to fail,” Limbaugh said later in the interview with Hannity.

For some background on corporate media’s ideas about acceptable and unacceptable criticism, see FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “Dissent, Disloyalty & Double Standards: Kosovo doves denounced Iraq War protest as ‘anti-American'” (5-6/03) by Steve Rendall