Editorial Content Gets the Axe at Voice Media

FAIR friend Tom Tomorrow notifies his readers (ThisModernWorld.com, 1/26/09) that his long-running editorial comic is being cut from possibly the entire Village Voice Media chain:

The papers I was running in are: Dallas Observer, New Times Ft. Lauderdale, Houston Press, LA Weekly, Minneapolis City Pages, Nashville Scene, OC Weekly, Pitch Weekly, Denver Westword and the Village Voice (though there is a small possibility of a reprieve for the latter)…. Oops, forgot one: Seattle Weekly.

This still leaves me with 80-odd papers, as well as Salon and Credo, so it’s not a fatal blow. And believe me, I wasnâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢t so naive as to imagine I was going to get through this economic mess without taking some hits. Nonetheless, it’s a serious chunk of major cities to lose in one fell swoop. (Don’t get me started on the joys of consolidation this morning.)

Tom humbly suggests that “if you live in one of those cities and think this is a bad decision, you might want to share those feelings with the local editor”–particularly when you consider that This Modern World often is the most critical (and frequently the most informational) content in any given issue of some of these “alternative” weekly papers.

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