Reversing Time in Search of ‘Liberal Media’

“Liberal media” basher Bernie Goldberg is back with a new book, and Media Matters‘ Dianna Parker (1/25/09) finds him as error-ridden as ever:

In yet another instance of mangling the facts to show purported media favoritism toward then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, Bernard Goldberg writes in his new book: “Finally, in the last month of the campaign, the [New York] Times returned to the Obama-Ayers story, but only after McCain and (mostly) Palin began making it an issue on the campaign trail.”

A Media Matters Nexis search confirms that, “In fact, in what ABC News‘ Imtiyaz Delawala reported was the “first time” Gov. Sarah Palin raised Obama’s connection to former Weather Underground member William Ayers, Palin actually cited the October 4, 2008, New York Times story to which Goldberg refers.”

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