Limbaugh: The ‘Kineesians’ Are Coming!

Attacking the White House’s proposed economic stimulus plan (1/26/09), Rush Limbaugh explained that the issue pits his favored “supply-siders,” who see the holy grail in tax cuts, against what he repeatedly referred to as, at least what sounded like “kineesian economists,” who he described as partial to “government spending on shovel-ready projects of all kinds.” (“Kineesian”–rhymes with “artesian”–is my phonetic version of what Limbaugh said, but listen for yourself.)

As you might have guessed, what Limbaugh meant to say was “Keynesian” (this is confirmed by the corrected transcript at his site), a well-worn adjective derived from the name of John Maynard Keynes, one of the most influential economists of the last century or so.

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