At NYT: The End of an Error

Guessing that the departure of Bill Kristol from the New York Times op-ed page will be “sparing the paper any further embarrassment, Editor & Publisher‘s Greg Mitchell (1/26/09) has “a good belly laugh” at the Times notation of Kristol’s farewell column, reading “All good things must come to end”:

Let’s recall some of the highlights of his one-year (plus two weeks) reign, as chronicled in my new book, Why Obama Won:

  • His very first column earned a correction, when he misattributed a Michael Medved quote to Michelle Malkin….
  • Who can forget when he told Stewart he was getting wrong information because he was relying too much on….the New York Times….
  • Later, smitten with Sarah Palin during a brief cruise stopover in Alaska, he pushed her for veep, publicly and privately. Then he lobbied for McCain to let Palin be Palin, or as he urged: “Hockey Mom Knows Best.” So we have Kristol partly to thank for McCain’s single worst blunder and a real game-changer (though not as he intended) in the fall campaign.

All in all, Mitchell finds the Times reference to Kristol’s commentaries as “good things” to be “a fitting end for a column that often made the Times read like the Onion.” Read about Kristol’s other great contribution to the 2008 election cycle in FAIR’s magazine Extra!: “Misogyny’s Greatest Hits: Sexism in Hillary Clinton Coverage” (5-6/08) by Jessica Wakeman