Anti-Union Flacks ‘Effectively Replace’ Skeptical Reporting

Giving TheAtlantic.com‘s Marc Ambinder credit for “at least trying to understand the details of secret ballot/majority sign-up” unionizing legislation, FireDogLake blogger Jane Hamsher (1/23/09) still notes that “he tends to lean a bit heavily on overpaid hacks spreading disinformation on behalf of the business lobby.” Specifically, she takes issue with Ambinder’s citation of a Coalition for a Democratic Workplace poll question to conclude that “privacy is the killer for unions” because “when Americans are read descriptions of the bill that make it plain that their votes won’t be kept secret (that’s the point of card check, in a way), their support plummets”:

Today, corporate toady Mike Murphy of CDW writes Ambinder to say that their polling, by McLaughlin and Associates, is probably “far more accurate” because it uses the words “effectively replace a federally supervised secret ballot.” Note the introduction of the word “effectively,” and what can only be characterized as an abject lie that “workers’ signatures would be made public to their employer, the union organizers and their co-workers.” Nothing of the sort ever happens.

In fact, the Employee Free Choice Act allows workers to have a “secret ballot” election if they want one. Woo hoo! Have a party. What Murphy and his fellow hacks don’t say is that when given a choice, most workers probably aren’t going to want one.

Hamsher writes that she’s bravely “going out on a limb here to guess that corporate lobbyists are probably more worried about that eventuality than they are defending the rights of poor beleaguered workers”–but Ambinder is in solid corporate media territory by omitting such skepticism from his own reporting.

Listen to the FAIR radio program CounterSpin: “Steve Early on Card Check” (12/12/08)