U.S. Media Unoccupy Gaza

The invaluable Electronic Intifada website has a Shervan Sardar analysis (1/8/09) of “the first three days of the Israeli offensive from 28-30 December,” during which time he finds

editorials and op-eds from five major U.S. papers overwhelmingly adopted the official U.S. and Israeli government talking points on the conflict–even where this version was clearly contradicted by the legal and historical record, widely available to the public.

The editorial pages erroneously put forward the view that Gaza was no longer occupied, ignored Israel’s numerous cease fire violations, and blindly asserted Israel’s right of self defense regardless of what was happening on the ground. Overall, the commentary presented a disturbingly false and misleading picture of the conflict to the American public.

You can forget about presenting the facts of the current IDF offensive fairly or accurately when even the basic “legal status of Gaza is repeatedly being misrepresented” by “editorial pages [that] chose to adopt and promote the Israeli government view of a 2005 ‘complete withdrawal’ from Gaza so that Israel no longer retains official responsibility there.” Sardar is explicit about the views of entire rest of the world: “The international consensus position at the U.N. and among human rights organizations is that Gaza remains occupied even after the 2005 Israeli disengagement.”

Listen to FAIR’s radio show CounterSpin: “Phyllis Bennis on Gaza & the Law” (1/16/09)