Some Animals’ Lives More Equal Than Others

Remembering how, “for days, the mainstream media talked endlessly about… Michael Vick. Dogfighting. Blood sport,” OnlineJournal.com writer Missy Comley Beattie (2/9/09) recalls being “utterly dismayed that so many people who expressed outrage over Vick’s crime, seemed to pay little or no attention to the killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Which leads Beattie to an important question: “So, why, then, given our attraction to animal stories, were news anchors silent on the massacre at the Gaza Zoo by Israeli troops who shot and killed caged animals during Israel’s recent assault on Gaza?”

An article by Ashraf Helmi and Megan Hirons provides the chilling details: …”Inside one cage lie three dead monkeys and another two in the cage beside them. Two more escaped and have yet to return. [The zookeeper] points to a clay pot. ‘They tried to hide,’ he says of a mother and baby half-tucked inside.”…

The gruesome attack must have posed a true dilemma when our mainstream media got wind of it: A tragic tale of dead animals vs. exposing the brutality of Israeli troops. Wolf, Anderson, Campbell, Suzanne, Chris, Norah, Contessa, Rachel, Joe, David, Sean, Bill, Megan and Shephard are probably working on a way to spin this to suit AIPAC. Perhaps, something like convincing us that a Gaza Zoo animal might be used as a shield by Hamas “terrorists.”

Beattie’s response to her own query about the reason for U.S. media silence: “The answer, of course, is that we’re supposed to believe that Israeli troops are the good guys. Palestinians are ‘militants.’ Israeli soldiers are, well, soldiers.” Listen to the FAIR radio program CounterSpin: “Phyllis Bennis on Gaza & the Law” (1/16/09)