Fox News Poses as ‘a Lonely Clarion for Their Pseudo-Truths’

Mark Howard (News Corpse, 2/9/08) rebuts “complaints from Republicans, who accused the president of politicizing the Census” by announcing that the new Director of the Census–being a “far-right Republican running an agency for which he has shown contempt”–will have to “work closely with the White House”: “The Census has always been political…. George Bush installed the manager of his presidential campaign, Don Evans, as his Commerce Secretary” (the position overseeing the Bureau of the Census). Wondering “would anyone be foolish enough to assert that that wasn’t political?” Howard further notes that

Fox News, however, takes hypocrisy to new levels. Bill Sammon, deputy managing editor for Fox, reported today on the move to have the Census be overseen by the White House. Predictably, he demeaned the proposal as a Democratic power grab. Then he went on to brag that only Fox News was reporting this critical story. He specifically said that he had checked for other news reports and found none.

Well, apparently he didn’t check ABC or MSNBC or CNN or the Washington Post or the New York Times.

Declaring it “bad enough that Fox is misreporting this story on a substantive basis” and “that they load up their broadcast with an ignorance-fueled outrage,” Howard asks, “Do they also have to demonstrate such deliberately shoddy research skills so that they can pretend to be a lonely clarion for their pseudo-truths?”