Now Obama Is French!

Newsweek‘s current coverdeclares, “We Are All Socialists Now.” But it’s actually another story from the magazine that pushes the notion that Obama is likely heading the country in a (gasp!) European direction.

Michael Freedman’spiece certainly doesn’t start off on the right foot:

Have you noticed that Barack Obama sounds more like the president of France every day?

Newsweek laments the”distinctly continental sniff” of Obama’s economic rhetoric, which apparentlyevokes”business bashing and protectionism” that was, until recently, “largely relegated to the far left.” The real problem, though, is what it’s going to do to us Americans:

Slow growth could kill rugged American individualism, too. Healthcare in the U.S. is for the most part tied to employment, so if job numbers continue to look dismal, or get even worse, an ever-greater number of people will start looking to the government for support….It’s very easy to imagine a chorus of former American individualists demanding cushy French-style pensions and free British-style healthcare if their private stock funds fail to recover and unemployment inches upward toward 10 percent and remains there.

Pensions and healthcare for all– this is worse than we thought!

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