Howard Kurtz’s News Fashion Revue

Courtesy of Ben Armbruster (Think Progress, 2/9/09), generally right-leaning media “critic” Howard Kurtz displays a total lack of self-reflection when, after discussing the sexism Katie Couric faced “as the first woman to anchor a network news program,”

Kurtz then asked Couric if her new hairstyle has something to do with her most recent successes:

KURTZ: We’re going to put up some pictures of you over the years, and I’m going to ask you whether you think at all a factor in your recent success could be this new hairstyle.

Couric’s response was sharp: “You know, you should ask Charlie Gibson about how heâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s changed his part a little bit, or how Brian looks more tan on the air”–but who can tell if that jibe managed to pierce Kurtz’s sometimes unreliable mind.