Mocking the GOP’s Prostration Before ‘Wrath of Rush’

Greg Sargent has some observations (Plum Line, 3/4/09) about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s

new website up called “I’m sorry, Rush” that lampoons the many GOPers who have been forced to prostrate themselves before Rush Limbaugh after criticizing him and enduring the Wrath of Rush or his listeners.

The site appears to be off to a pretty decent start: Nearly 150,000 people have already visited in its first day, DCCC spokesperson Jennifer Crider tells me. The DCCC will blast out an email to supporters telling them of the visit numbers a bit later this afternoon.

Amazingly, the site has gotten this number of visits despite the fact that it isn’t linked on Drudge!

Judging this “yet another measure of the public’s appetite for the ‘Rush wants Obama to fail‘ storyline,” Sargent says the enormous “level of public interest” is “one of the main things driving the Democratic strategy of hanging Rush around the necks of Republicans.”