Media Side With ‘Cognoscenti’ Over ‘Broad Support for Single-Payer’

In the latest installment of a Columbia Journalism Review series on “special interest groups… at Obama’s table” and “how the media are covering them,” Trudy Lieberman (, 3/6/09) reports that

Saul Friedman, who writes a popular column called Gray Matters for Newsday, has been almost alone in writing about what he has called a “blackout” on discussions of a single-payer health system. Last month, AARP’s chief (and super influential) lobbyist, John Rother, told Friedman that although there is broad support for single-payer, the cognoscenti didn’t feel that it was a pragmatic solution.

While stating that “there are vocal pockets of single-payer activism around the country,” Lieberman turns to an independent outlet when noting that “a woman named Laura Bonham wrote an impassioned piece for urging Americans to reject the lockdown on a single-payer discussion.” See our Media Advisory about the new FAIR Study: “Media Blackout on Single-Payer Healthcare: Proponents of Popular Policy Shut Out of Debate” (3/6/09)