Lou Dobbs Celebrates America by Slurring Asians

Think Progress editor Ali Frick (3/18/09) has posted video of CNN‘s celebrity xenophobe descending into the Rosie O’Donnell realm of racist ridicule of Asian language:

Yesterday on his radio show, anti-immigrant crusader Lou Dobbs attacked St. Patrick’s Day as a needless “ethnic holiday.” “How about an American day,” he proposed. He also wondered whether other groups, like Jews or Asians, had “ethnic holidays,” but he couldn’t think of any:

“Is there a Jewish ethnic holiday? Is there one? No. Okay…. How about an Asian ethnic holiday? Is there one? You know, St. Jing-Tao-Wow?”

Trying to look beyond this appallingly belligerent ignorance, Frick thinks for a second that “maybe Dobbs‘ is right: What about an American day? Besides Independence Day, Presidents’ Day, Martin Luther King Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day and Memorial Day, there’s barely a chance to celebrate America at all.”