Holding Fox Accountable for O’Reilly’s Harassment

A new FAIR action alert calls on the Fox News Channel to answer for host Bill O’Reilly’s pattern of ambushing his critics.

O’Reilly (O’Reilly Factor, 3/23/08) recently targeted Think Progress blog editor Amanda Terkel while she was on vacation, sending his producer Jesse Watters to confront Terkel in one of the ambush-style interviews that he specializes in. Terkel had dared to point out that O’Reilly, who was invited to speak at a fundraiser for a foundation for rape survivors, had previously suggested that a “moronic” rape/murder victim had invited assault by her drinking and the way she was dressed.

FAIR’s alert calls on Fox News Executive VP John Moody ( to clarify whether the O’Reilly show’s tactics meet Fox‘s ethical standards.

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