Torture Memos Bring Out True Allegiances of MSM

Writing at Salon (4/23/09, ad-viewing required) of how the “sheer criminality” of George W. Bush-era torture, “really for the first time, has exploded into mainstream political debates,” Glenn Greenwald is thoroughly unsurprised by their behavior as “media stars are forced to address it”:

Exactly as one would expect, they are closing ranks, demanding (as always) that their big powerful political-official-friends and their elite institutions not be subject to the dirty instruments that are meant only for the masses–things like the rule of law, investigations, prosecutions and accountability when they abuse their power.

To Greenwald,

This remains the single most notable and revealing fact of American political life: that (with some very important exceptions) those most devoted to maintaining and advocating government secrecy is our journalist class, of all people. It would be as if the leading proponents of cigarette smoking were physicians, or those most vocally touting the virtues of illiteracy were school teachers. Nothing proves the true function of these media stars as government spokespeople more than their eagerness to shield government actions from examination and demand that government criminality not be punished.

Listen to the current edition of the FAIR radio show CounterSpin: “Glenn Greenwald on Torture” (4/24/09).