Calvin Woodward’s Fractured Fact-Check Strikes Again

Associated Press reporter Calvin Woodward has a history of straining to catch Barack Obama in factual errors. But today’s review of last night’s Obama press conference may have hit a new low in absurdity.

In the piece, headlined “Fact Check: Obama Disowns Deficit He Helped Shape,” Woodward takes issue with Obama’s statement: “Number one, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit…. That wasn’t me.” Woodward’s criticism: “It actually was him–and the other Democrats controlling Congress the previous two years–who shaped a budget so out of balance…. Congress controls the purse strings, not the president, and it was under Democratic control for Obama’s last two years as Illinois senator.”

Well, if an Illinois senator bears more responsibility for the federal budget than the president, than why is Woodward wasting his time covering what President Obama has to say about the budget? Shouldn’t he be interviewing Roland Burris instead?

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