Only on Fox–Obama Approval Ratings Plunge

Most opinion polls show that the American public gives President Barack Obama high marks so far. Those are not the pollsFox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly reads. As he announced at the top of his show on Thursday:

A new Rasmussen poll on President Obama is somewhat startling and worth analyzing because Rasmussen is very accurate.

According to the data, 34 percent of Americans strongly approve of the president’s job performance, while 32 percent strongly disapprove. So that’s why the debate over Barack Obama is so raucous. He may be a popular guy, but the country remains divided on the job deal.

If by “accurate” O’Reilly means “completely different from every other poll,” he might have a point. In polls taken since his inauguration, Obama’s lowest approval rating was 55 percent, and his highest disapproval rating was 35 percent; the latest Fox poll was more typical, with 62 percent approval/29 percent disapproval. So the country is in fact not “divided on the job deal,” as O’Reilly claims.

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