Politico Hews to Corporate Line on Healthcare

Blogging at today (5/4/09), Corporate Crime Reporter‘s Russell Mokhiber describes the contents of a “much-hyped special section on healthcare” from Politico that features below the headline a Matt Wuerker cartoon of “the U.S. healthcare system” as a patient–“and you can’t touch patient or you’ll get zapped. As in: ‘Bzzt! Don’t even go near proposing single payer. You’ll be called a socialist!'”:

The issue is jam-packed with $10,000 full-page ads from the usual suspects: United Health Group, the drug industry (the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association), the high-tech medical equipment industry (Advanced Medical Technology Association) and corporate liberal groups like AARP.

All of which oppose what the majority of doctors and the majority of the American people want–a single-payer, Medicare-for-all, everybody-in, nobody-out, free-choice-of-doctor-and-hospital healthcare system.

The Politico healthcare issue features five news articles and six opinion pieces.

Not one of which mentions single-payer.

Mokhiber can only conclude that “the editors at Politico apparently heeded Wuerker’s warning” with “not a mention of single-payer in the entire issue (other than Wuerker’s warning).” Listen to the recent FAIR radio show CounterSpin: “Ellen Shaffer on Healthcare” (3/6/09)