NPR: ‘Justifying and Sanitizing the U.S. Torture Regime’

Blogging on how May 4 and 5 broadcasts “feature NPR continuing its function of justifying and sanitizing the U.S. torture regime,” dedicated public radio critic Mytwords (NPR Check, 5/5/09) plumbs the depths of NPR‘s aversion to “human rights or international law advocates or experts”–instead preferring “members or former members of various U.S. government agencies,” even “the very ones implicated in formulating and carrying out torture”:

For a long time NPR news has minimized (June 2006), dismissed (February 2007), ignored (April 2007), covered over (October 2007) and collaborated with (December 2007) the use of torture by agencies and agents of the U.S. government. You can search NPR news in vain for any original investigative work on exposing torture or on any serious elucidation of the laws and conventions that prohibit the U.S. from committing torture and require prosecution for violators.

See the FAIR publication Extra! Update: “Tortured Justifications for Bad Journalism” (12/07) by Jim Naureckas & Candice O’Grady.