As Good as It Gets on Corporate TV

It is quite telling that, even considering how in Ed Schultz’s May 7 MSNBC interview of Physician for a National Health Program Margaret Flowers and Sen. Debbie Stabenow, he “slaps a gratuitous insult on the heroines of Code Pink” and “says he’s against protesting and “getting arrested” as a rule but thinks it’s OK if doctors in suits and ‘educated professional people’ do it” and even “pretends to believe (or actually believes) that President Obama favors considering the possibility of creating single-payer healthcare,” activist and author David Swanson (OpEd News, 5/7/09) “can’t recall a better corporate news video segment in at least the past decade”:

The heart of this story is the gaping chasm between majority opinion and the corporate agenda of the United States Senate….

Ed goes after the health insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the HMOs. He plays video of activist Kevin Zeese speaking up at the recent Senate Finance Committee hearing and being arrested. He explains perfectly what single-payer healthcare is. (I recommend this flyer.) And he denounces the anti-democratic exclusion of single-payer advocates by committee chairman Max Baucus.

And then Ed brings on Margaret Flowers, who absolutely nails every question he asks, and he asks the right questions. Flowers lists the polls showing that over 60 percent of Americans and 60 percent of physicians want single-payer.

Schultz’s choice to air Flowers telling viewers “that the next Senate hearing is on March 12 and that advocates are asking for at least one supporter of single-payer to be included,” has Swanson exclaiming that “that sort of mention of an upcoming event and very nearly inclusion of exactly what people can do to improve their country is rare indeed on our televisions.”