Non-Disclosure: A Way of Life at the Washington Post

Jonathan Schwarz recently caught the Washington Post crediting the author of an anti-progressive tax op-ed as just “an economics professor,” when in fact he sat on tax-funded bailout beneficiary “AIG’s board of directors. He’s also a member of the board’s finance committee.” Now, continuing (A Tiny Revolution, 5/21/09) to mine the Post‘s editorial page for insights into “Their Cozy Little Village,” Schwarz writes that

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Washington Post publishing op-eds by Bob Graham. But it does seem like they might mention that he’s a member of the family that owns the Post, and the great-uncle of the current publisher.

I guess they figure everyone who deserves to know already does, so why bother? It would just make the peasants upset and confused, and set a bad precedent.

But then the Post is far from alone among corporate outlets in failing to meet even minimal disclosure requirements….