‘Self-Serving Propaganda’? No Problem on NPR

Wondering “why NPR decided it was appropriate to present Cheney’s blatantly self-serving propaganda as anything remotely relevant to current policy,” NPR Check contributor Brian (5/23/09) blogs about current president Barack Obama and former vice president Dick Cheney recently “attacking the policies of the other administration and defending their own positions in speeches.” Even though each was given “in front of friendly audiences unable to challenge them,” NPR‘s Morning Edition of May 22 “presented them as a face-to-face debate between the two men, alternating soundbites from each,” and giving

Cheney equal billing with the president in a piece titled “Obama, Cheney: Different Views on National Security.” The title is offensive not only because it presents Cheney’s views as equally relevant as the current president’s, but also because it refers to the crimes of torture, the prison at Guantanamo Bay and indefinite detention without trial as simply “national security.” (At least the extended Web version of the “debate” is titled “Obama, Cheney Face Off on Torture.”)

In case you’ve forgotten, Brian writes that, “yes, this is the same Dick Cheney who… has every motivation to cover up the various crimes committed under his reign in the Bush administration. So one might reasonably ask, Who gives a shit what Dick Cheney has to say now?”