‘Ugly Sentiments’ and ‘Reckless’ Reporting on Sotomayor

Making clear on Salon (5/28/09, ad-viewing required) that his “writing about this issue from the start has not been based on my view that [Judge Sonia] Sotomayor is the best choice” for the U.S. Supreme Court, Glenn Greenwald states that his “interest has been due to the fact that the smears against her were both totally unrecognizable, driven by very ugly sentiments and enabled by reckless ‘reporting‘ methods.” To wit:

The same right-wing extremists who drove the country into the ground continue to attack Sonia Sotomayor with blatant and ugly stereotypes. She’s one of those judges selected “for their readiness to discard the rule of law whenever emotion moves them,” claims the highly credible legal scholar Karl Rove today in the Wall St. Journal. According to Rove–whose profound respect for the rule of law is legendary–she makes decisions based on her emotional “concern for the downtrodden, the powerless and the voiceless” rather than legal considerations. Because of her background, ethnicity and gender, hordes of people who know nothing about her and haven’t bothered to examine what she’s actually done as a judge instantaneously believe this caricature.

Meanwhile, Greenwald notes, corporate “media keeps repeating these accusations without, as usual, any critical scrutiny.”