U.S. Pundits’ Hiroshima Ignores Rest of the World

Noticing that “many of the headlines greeting North Korea’s nuclear blast yesterday carried the phrase ‘as big as the Hiroshima bomb’ or words to that effect,” media writer and Hiroshima in America co-author Greg Mitchell (Editor & Publisher, 5/26/09) says “that’s not the only reference point that Hiroshima should evoke”:

Simply stated: The fact that the U.S. first developed, and then used–twice–the WMD to end all WMDs against heavily populated cities, killing a quarter of a million civilians (and very few soldiers), has severely compromised our arguments against others building the weapon ever since.

Americans may not like to hear that but it happens to be true….

I’m not saying that there is nothing scary about North Korea or Iran (or anyone else) getting the bomb. I’m just pointing out that it is almost impossible for us to work our will on this abroad given our long track record. Yet how we are viewed usually is not reflected at all in comments by American pundits and politicos.

To Mitchell, “that’s the true meaning of the ‘Hiroshima’ you see in the headlines.” Listen to the FAIR radio program CounterSpin: “Greg Mitchell on Hiroshima” (8/5/05)