Imagine a World Where Racial Assaults by Political Leaders Are Considered News

Imagine that the executive director of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network punched a woman in the head while uttering a racial epithet. Imagine further that two years after this hate crime took place, the executive director still had his job, and when Sharpton was asked about this, he speculated about why this story was “even newsworthy,” and insisted that “I don’t have any day-to-day control over the organization.”

Does anyone doubt that if such an incident happened, it would be a major national news story, and Sharpton would be facing a firestorm of criticism?

Yet precisely such an incident did happen–except that the leader of the national movement was former Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, and the perpetrator of the assault was Marcus Epstein, the executive director of Tancredo’s anti-immigration PAC, Team America.

So why is it that a Google News search for “Marcus Epstein” turns up only a handful of stories–many of them in progressive online outlets like Talking Points Memo, Washington Independent and Daily Kos? The “liberal media” work in mysterious ways, I guess.

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