Beck & Guest: Holocaust Museum Suspect and Nazis Are Leftists

The Holocaust Museum murder was just the latest event to prompt a demented Glenn Beck segment (6/10/09).

Warming up for the really crazy part of the segment, Beck spoke with Joel Rosenberg, a bible prophesy expert and “End of Days” proponent. But Rosenberg, who likes to talk about how Russia and Iran are the Gog and Magog of the Book of Ezekiel (e.g., Headline News, Glenn Beck, 4/8/08), was only interested in talking about the Holocaust Museum murder inasmuch as it provided a segue to what he really wanted to talk about:

But it shows you when a nutcase, a racist, gets his hands on weapons you got trouble. And that’s why, you know, Washington is concerned. I don’t know the people in Pennsylvania Avenue, at White House, however, are as concerned today about Iran as they should be.

Then panelist Mike Baker, identified as “a former CIA operative,” offered bland cliché about the possibility that extremism might be afoot:

Unfortunately, crazy hate doesn’t know any bounds. So, whether it’s von Brunn today at the Holocaust Museum, whether it is a Muslim extremist shooting the private at a recruiting center down in Arkansas, whether it’s the abortion doctor getting shot, it’s–there’s something.

Then came Harry Binswanger, a bizarre Ayn Randian relic, who said that among his other hatreds, Museum murder suspect James von Brunn was “anti-negro.” Binswanger also explained that von Brunn was a leftist, because, as everybody knows, racism is leftist:

Well, this von Brunn’s culture is a tribe of racist anti-Jewish, anti-negro, anti-immigrant–everything, and therefore, he’s the phenomenon of the left, because racism is a form of collectivism. The right wing is individualist, believes in individual rights, freedom, the dignity of each individual life. But it’s the left wing–you know, Hitler was national socialism, right?

Beck was all over that, quickly asking Binswanger to expand on his last point: “How did it happen that this was–that you look at people who are Nazis and you say that those are right-wing? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.”

It was all a conspiracy hatched back in the ’30s in Germany by Nazi leftists and Communist leftists, explained Beck’s crackpot guest:

There was the deal made between the Communists and Nazis in Germany in the ’30s where they each agreed to define themselves as the opposite of the other. You see the percentage in that, you define my gang or your gang, and you rule out of court any other possibility, such as freedom, without any gang rule.

Apparently the Communists agreed to let the Nazis imprison and kill them, too, along with socialists and everyone else on the left. Leftists hellbent on killing leftists–the Nazis were special that way.

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