WaPo’s Front-Page News Deficit

Dean Baker (Beat the Press, 6/14/09) has caught “Fox on 15th (a.k.a. ‘The Washington Post‘)” once again “departing from normal news practice” with “another editorial complaining about President Obama’s deficits on the front page.” The piece‘s subhead–“Concern Mounts in White House as 2010 Elections Loom”–prompts some hard questions from Baker: “Who is concerned? The story doesn’t tell us. Who says that they are concerned? The story doesn’t tell us.” His conclusion–“In short, it’s not clear that there is any news here”:

But the Washington Post wants to highlight the budget deficit, so it won’t let such details stand in the way; after all, there were protesters in Wisconsin calling President Obama a socialist. That’s enough for a front-page news story in the Washington Post.

Needless to say, the Washington Post has no problem ignoring completely far larger protests that don’t agree with its editorial agenda, much less putting them on the front page. It is incredible that at a time when close to 15 million people are out of work that the Washington Post can continue to obsess about the deficit.

And, just so “there is no doubt which side the Washington Post is on,” Baker reminds us that “of course this is also a paper that highlights on the front page that it is now easier to hire nannies.”