Women in Media: ‘Crucial to…Progressive Leadership’

In Women In Media & News‘ announcement (6/18/09) that former FAIR staffer Jennifer Pozner has won a New Leaders Council40 Under 40” Award–given to those “who exemplify the spirit of progressive political entrepreneurship”–Women’s Rights blogger Jennifer Nedeau spells out why “women in media are crucial to the future of progressive leadership”:

Because they can often best represent the issues that matter most to progressives. Women own a large stake in issues of equality, civil rights, a stable economy, a clean environment, accessible healthcare and education, among other progressive topics. More women need to be seen on television, read in newspapers, heard on the radio and seen in new media forums in order to make a positive impact in the progressive movement. However, just as consciousness-raising and media appearances matter–it is also incredibly important to stop and take a moment to thank those who ensure that the infrastructure exists to make this progress possible.

To this end, Pozner is recognized for having “‘founded WIMN to strengthen that infrastructure and transform the media landscape for women.” In fact, “for eight years, Women In Media & News has worked to increase diverse women’s presence and power in the public debate.”